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Oh my God, this woman is so stupid that I can’t believe we even share a gender! Get a clue Heartsick!!! If you mess around with a married man, you deserve what you get.


Veronica speaks the truth, Heartsick. My sister was fooling around with her husband while he was still married to his first wife. Guess what? He’s on wife #3 now!


Good - I’m glad you think he’s cheating on you - how do think his wife feels!!

Betty's Boop

Let me guess, his wife doesn’t understand him, he stays with her because of the kid, he would lose to much $ if he left…cut your loses now, you’ve already lost to much time as it is, get some self respect and stay away from my husband!


So what’s so great about dating a married guy? Is it spending the Holidays alone, sneaking around, or the waiting for him to leave his wife????


Dating a married guy can be tough - if he’s worth it - ask him straight out if there’s someone else, I mean other than his wife


I think it is wrong to give someone food poisoning no matter what someone has done. I have had it. It is worse than death. Not to mention you really could kill someone that way. I feel it is very irresponsible to give this advice. Besides why risk killing him and being locked up yourself when you can just use my bartenders trick and put a bottle of Visine in his drink and he'll poo his pants. Just make sure it's on his way out so you can make sure he gets it in his car.

Tynisha Price

I had been seeing this married man for 10 months. Each month we have sex,text each other and send dirty pictures.I really like this guy and I know he's in too me. I just hate the fact that he leaves and can't stay the night with me. I get so emotional and every time I don't talk to him for a week or two. He always says "Why I Am so distant from him?" Please help me figure out this problem.


he cheats on his wife with u , u took part in the cheating but u have a problem with him doing it to u ....karma is one fat bitch and she sings alot... ya ummm if u come near my man u will loose some hair. woman like u are wow... anyways u really cant expect us to give a flying FUK at a rolling donut about u being cheated on , when ur destroying a marrige.


but true love is bline ,u can fine some one who is married but he is for u ,the man u should be with man for life so people should no say it is wrong because that could be the man god want u to be with an he is just puting u to the test to see if u can get him.


Dating a married man feels good when we are in connection moment and bad when he ignore... nothing is good by dating a married man.. yeah only waste time and sometimes feel so stupid.. but when he called we cant afford to cut off the conversation... this is why how stupid women who falled into married man trap but feels that she's in her happiness moment..

chanel 2.55

the man u should be with man for life so people should no say it is wrong because that could be the man god want u to be with an he is just puting u to the test to see if u can get him.

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Good luck :)


Wreck his life and tell d other gal n his wife about this..
P.s never date married men!!

Paul Smith

Merci beaucoup pour votre article.

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